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Cooper test

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A physical fitness test from the 1960s, designed for military use and still something that is usable today and it is something that can be used on a reasonably healthy person with some experience of physical activity.

Per Olsson, Strength stairs


Time needed: 12 minutes.


  1. Run

    Run in a pace, where the speed is just as fast so you know you will manage to run for 12 minutes straight.

  2. Measure

    Measure the distance run.

Analysis and interpretation

With the result, eg km run, your age and your gender of choice you can find an interpretation of the result in the two following tables

Male tester

Table by Visualizer

Female tester

Table by Visualizer

Common questions

What is Cooper test?

Cooper test is a method to test physical fitness, a method that is based on simplicity

What equipment is needed to perform a Cooper test?

Either a treadmill or a running track.

What is Cooper test testing?

Pacing and VO2max

Are there any good tips regarding circumstances to perform a Cooper test in a repeatable and safe way?

Temperature should be between 50 and 75° F (10 to 25°C) with 75% maximum humidity.
Perform either on a 400 m tartan track or a treadmill.
Make sure that you do not suffer from respiratory problems.