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High pull with a kettlebell

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Basic technique with a kettlebell for back, grip and a lot of other things.

Per, Strength stairs


Time needed: 1 minute.

The arm should be relaxed in the swing. Avoid trying to lift to improve height of the swing, work with your hip drive in that case.

  1. Find a good stance

    Feet stable in shoulder wide stance so the kettlebell fits between the thighs throughout the swing .
    The kettlebell one foot from your feet, centered.
    Slightly bent knees.

  2. Grab the kettlebell

    Athletic stance and bend in the hip to reach
    One hand and either monkey grip or thumb grip, depending on what fits you best.

  3. Raise and start the swing

    To put some speed in the kettlebell, raise up with arm relaxed and let the kettlebell move towards inner thigh.
    Breathe in during this part of the swing

  4. When the kettlebell reaches your inner thigh, follow the kettlebell slight backwards and thrust forward with your hip

    In this part of the swing you should be relaxed and just let the kettlebell reach its highest point and start over on step 3
    Breathe out in this phase of the swing

  5. The pull

    In a well timed movement in the top part of the swing, you should pull your elbow upwards/backwards så elbow is in the same height as the shoulder and hopefully the kettlebell follows so you end up with the kettlebell pointing horizontally.

  6. The push

    When everything stops, push the kettlebell back into the swing and start over in point 3.
    Breath through your squeezed lips in this phase of the lift so you have a tight core.

  7. End exercise

    During step 4, instead of hip thrust you gently stop the kettlebell and put it in front of your feet.

Common questions

What is high pull with a kettlebell?

En grundövning med slängkula.

What muscles is high pull with a kettlebell primarily good for?

Legs, bum, back, shoulders and your core.

What equipment is needed to do a high pull with a kettlebell?

A kettlebell that you can handle.

What assisting exercises can be used to improve high pull with a kettlebell?

One-hand kettlebell swing .

Are there any tips to do a high pull with a kettlebell in a secure way?

Keep your swing in a straight vertical line in front of you