Narrow benchpress


Do the narrow benchpress on a benchpress stand with safety arms and a helper so you can relax and dare to let the bar down towards the chest with some speed and also stay there before continuing.
This exercise trains the strength in the arms so you become stronger in the last phase, when arms is stretched to lockout, in a benchpress.

Per Olsson, Strength stairs


Time needed: 1 minute.


  1. Find a starting position

    Hold the bar shoulder wide or slightly narrower.
    Lie on your back so that the head, shoulders and buttocks are in contact with the bench.
    Press the shoulders together to increase stability and protect the shoulders.
    The underside of the shoes / feet should preferably touch the floor throughout the lift to increase stability.

  2. Lift of the bar from the stand

    With support or on your own, with straight arms and above the chest

  3. Breath in and hold the breath

    One deep breath to create intra-abdominal pressure which gives the back support.

  4. Lower the bar

    Down to the chest or just below the chest.

  5. Stop and/or turn

    One or two second stop creates a higher load in the critical stop, you might need to lower the weights compared to turning up directly.

  6. Press the bar upwards and breath out.

    Up to straight and over the chest.
    Squeeze the air out between your lips meanwhile.

  7. Put the bar back

    With support or on your own.

Common questions

What is narrow benchpress?

Narrow benchpress is a compound exercise in weight lifting

Which muscles is narrow benchpress primarily good for?

Pectoralis major and triceps.

What equipment is needed to perform a narrow benchpress?

A benchpress stand, a bar, weights and collars.

What supplementary exercises can improve the narrow benchpress?

For example Benchpress, Kickbacks and Seal rowing

Are there any good tips to perform a narrow benchpress in a safe way?

Keep a good contact with the bench and the floor and lunge a little with your back so you have a solid foundation for the press.
Lift together with someone supporting you so the focus can be on the press.

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