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Try to keep the tension in the core, breathe as relaxed as possible and start of with short sessions to get used to the exercise.



Time needed: 1 minute.

It is possible to do this standing and leaning against a wall if you have a hard time lying down

  1. Find a start position

    Lie on the floor
    Toes or knees in contact with the floor

  2. Tighten the core and stand on the elbows

    Try to keep the body straight and preferably with the bum a bit higher than the shoulders to avoid a sore back.

  3. Breath calm and keep the core tension

    Avoid holding your breath, breath as calm as you can
    Keep the bum higher than the shoulders, when it starts sinking down it is time to end the exercise.

  4. Lie on the floor

    Breathe for a while before standing up

Common questions

What is the plank?

It is an exercise to strengthen the core

Which muscles is the plank good for?

Core muscles

What equipment is necessary to perform the plank?


What assisting exercises can be used to improve the plank?

Reverse plank

Are there any tips to perform the plank in a safe manor?

Keep a good contact with the floor
Use something soft to save the elbows and knees/toes
Breath calm
End the exercise when lactation starts