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Resistance breathing with the lips

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Our lips is always with us so take the opportunity to every now and then use resistance breathing to lower number of breaths per minute, raise the residual lung volume and open up the airways.

Per, Strength stairs


Time needed: 1 minute.

This is called closed lip breathing or “smell the flower and blow out the candle”

  1. Breathe in through your nose

    Closed mouth
    Deep breath

  2. Breathe out through the mouth

    Press your lips together and exhale.

Common questions

What is resistance breathing with the lips?

One technique to breath out, unequipped, with higher pressure and where this pressure is used in different ways.

What is resistance breathing with the lips good for?

For example it can:
raise the pressure in the lungs
open up the airways
lead to lowered breathing frequency
facilitate secretion mobilization

What equipment is needed to perform resistance breathing with the lips?


What supplementary exercises can improve resistance breathing with the lips?

To achieve a better effect you can either sit or stand up with your arms behind your back, postures that helps the breast to open up and the breathing apparatus to function better.

Are there any good tips to perform resistance breath with the lips in a safe way?

Talk to your doctor or physiotherapist if you are diagnosed with something that impacts your breathing apparatus.
Test a couple of breaths the first sets and see how it feels.
Lie down the first times and see how it feels