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Aim for a flow, a deep and relaxed squat and balance in this exercise. This is good for performing in a secure way both for you and your surrounding.

Per Olsson, Strength stairs


Time needed: 1 minute.


  1. Find a starting position

    Feet shoulder wide, toes pointing in the same direction as the knees.

  2. Grab the bar

    Palms down.

  3. Bend your knees

    Straight arms, with bend of the arms just outside the knees

  4. Breath in and hold the breath

    One deep breath to create intra-abdominal pressure which gives the back support.

  5. Pull the bar in a straight motion upwards

    Close to the body
    Arm bows pointing slightly out/back from the body
    First straighten the legs, when the bar passes the the thighs start straighten the back and when the bar passes the thigh start pulling with your shoulders and arms.

  6. Fall in under the bar and lock your arms over your head

    With a lungestep or deep squat.
    Pull the legs upwards forcing the body to go down or sweep the feet outwards to the position where you will sit in a stable squat.
    Press the arms up against the bar and lock
    Catch the bar on its way down.

  7. Find your balance and raise back up.

    Straight, locked out, legs.
    Arms locked over your head with the bar

  8. Pull the bar down in front of you and breath out.

    The bar back to the floor or podium in a controlled manor.

Common questions

What is snatch?

Snatch is a compound exercise in weight lifting

Which muscles is snatch primarily good for?

Legs, back, gluteus, arms and stomach muscles

What equipment is needed to perform a snatch?

A bar, weights and collars.

What supplementary exercises can improve the snatch?

For example Front squat, and Squat

Are there any good tips to perform a front squat in a safe way?

Keep in good contact with the bar and stand on the floor so that you have a stable foundation for the front squat.
Pull close to your body.
Lift together with someone supporting you so the focus can be on the squat.
Make sure you have plenty of space around you so the bar can be pulled down in a safe way when you are finished.