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Stair triple

Stair triple – stair-walk with triceps press

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A perfect way to build on the session with the backsides of your arms in the stair walk.

Per, Strength stairs


Time needed: 5 minutes.

Lean slightly forward.
Important to push with the arms at the same times as the legs/fots push upwards.

  1. Walk upstairs

    As fast as you can
    Hold the railings, slightly leaned forward.

  2. Walk down stairs

    A bit slower, since this is the recovery in the interval.

  3. Restart

    The number of times it takes to fill up the time.

Common questions

What is stair walk with triceps press?

Walking upstairs with your balance sacrificed so you are forced to use your arms to “push” yourself up.

What muscles is stair walk with triceps press best for?

Legs, butt, arms and back.
Good for coordination and balance.

What equipment is necessary for stair walk with triceps press?

A stair

What assistance exercises can improve stair walk with triceps press?

Stair triple – stair-walk with row-pull and Stair triple – stair-walk