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Stair triple

Stair triple – stair-walk

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I live on the fifth floor. That makes my stair well perfect for this interval session since it takes a minute to walk down slowly and up the stairs it takes 35-40 seconds walking fast.

Per, Strength stairs


Time needed: 5 minutes.

Find a stair where you can at least take 5-6 steps so the time spent on turning around is as short as possible

  1. Walk up stairs

    As fast as you can without actually runnig
    Do not hold the railing to challenge balance

  2. Walk down stairs

    Slower so this is the recovery part of the interval

  3. Restart

    As many times as it takes to get your pulse up

Common questions

What is stair walk?

A normal walk up and down stairs, in this case to warm up

Which muscles is stair walk good for?

Legs and butt.

What equipment is needed for stair walk?

A stair.

Which assistant exercises can be added to become better at stair walk?

Stair triple – stair-walk with row-pull and Stair triple – stair-walk with triceps press