Our services and terms

We want to be part of the wisdom that you need to reach sustainable health! Read more about how we can support you!

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The professional services we offer is coaching, guidance and advice in exercise, nutrition, recovery and sleep for individuals, groups and organizations.

Movement is where it all starts

Gym instruction

  • We create plans, personal or generic for groups. High level goal can be either wellness or performance.
  • We instruct, assist and correct techniques so it is performed in a secure way.
  • We create and lead exercise, relaxation and recovery sessions

To match exercise and workouts you need proper food

Dietary advice

  • We do nutrition analysis and create dietary plans

Relaxation and recovery is essential for a sustainable health

Swedish massage

  • We give Swedish and tactile massage

Measurements and tests

  • Measurements with measuring tape, for example waist, length, jump height or length
  • Subjective tests
  • Mobility, strength or endurance tests


  • We work with weight control, stress handling, stamina or weight training
  • We write free articles and create free Courses

Our needs

The basics

  • What experience, current and ongoing, within exercise, nutrition, recovery or sleep?
  • How many persons are taking part of the service and plans? One person, a group of people, a team and so on.
  • A documented idea, and how motivated you are to put efforts, time and energi into conscious steps to a sustainable health.
  • Information about goals, desire, known limitations and challenges.
  • Information about disabilities, addiction, stress related problems, injuries, disease profile/patholoy, medication or religious constraints that needs to be considered.

If possible

A description of the ideal self and a vision as a basis is good to have


  • 875SEK including VAT per hour
    • for you who every now and then need coaching, instructions or advise.
  • 8000SEK including VAT for every 10 hours booked in advance, hence total discount is 750SEK
    • for you who needs continuous support with cost control over an agreed period of time.


  • Booking is done via email found on Contact us page and agreement is only made with persons of age or organisations.
  • We charge for worked time. Example of this can be preparations, travel time, correspondence, meetings and followup.
  • We refrain cancelling fees. Our thought is that relationship is built on trust and things can happen in life.
  • We have a liability insurance through our membership in The Swedish Association of Professional Body Therapists
  • Coaching, instructions and advise can be handled both in digital and physical meetings, depending on what is agreed and most suitable.
  • All lifestyle changes are made on your own risk, it is all about taking responsibility for and show insight on your limitations. . 


Here is a summary of leading star, rules and regulations, advise and recommendations that we follow or relate to.