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Challenge of the month

Join our challenges! Small and positive changes that we improve a bit every month. What you need to do is give it a chance and be patient for a sustainable health!


We will publish challenges throughout the year, where we will use one theme every quarter and one change will be expected to be introduced every month.

It is free, and the return is the changes, of a positive kind, that you introduced in your life.

Hence this is all about inspiring to introduce positive changes within exercise, nutrition and recovery for your sustainable health.

Support, tips and advice is available throughout the site even if we try to compile the detail in each challenge. Check for example Workouts and courses, the posts in our Blog or our special pages about Physical and mental exercise, Healthier nutrition, Passive and active recovery, Good and enough sleep, Effective breath or Positive psychology and appreciative inquiry.


Get started

Training and exercise for body and soulPause and restFood for several senses
The first quarter is about keeping it simple and that you make one change per month.
You will also see that with a reasonable level of ambition, there is always room in everyday life for sustainable health.

Bring out the strengths

Exercise for strength and staminaOccasions and ways to recoverIntuitive or according to plan for your nutrition
The second quarter is about highlighting and using your strengths, and using them in one change per month.
You will also get to reflect on the effect of utilizing what you are good at for sustainable health.

Reach a target

Efforts on a scaleRest and peace as neededColor, taste and scent as a base
The third quarter is about you creating smart goals according to your ideals and reaching them in one change per month.
You will see that goals are something you can change during the journey and it is also a success factor for sustainable health.

Test and create balance

Find or create timeActive and passive recoveryTimed nutrition and good energy
In the last quarter, you have to work a little harder, perform a test and create balance in life, even here with one change per month.
You will notice that habits that have been created over time and that you yourself have decided are what will give you sustainable health.



Keep it simple.

Physical exerciseMore recoverySounder nutrition

Register more.

Journal and exerciseReflection and recoverySenses and nutrition

Planned thoughtfully.

Prudent exerciseSchedule recoveryPrepare nutrition

Hiit, heavy and light right

Progressing exerciseFitting recoveryNutrient timing