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Physical and mental exercise

Regardless if you are experienced or a beginner sustainable exercise is about building sound habits. This despite what weight or health status you have.

strength stairs





Specific tempo

Max load and speed

Introducing exercise is about both doing the talk and walking the walk. With that said you should talk about physical activity and go to action with it. Introduce the changes and development in conscious steps.

Exercise – first step

How long time is needed to get through the steps? 365 days.

Strength stairs Exercise is based on great patience and it can easily take up to a year to get through the steps, taking conscious steps to sustainable health.

  1. Mobility

    Train mobility for what you exercise.

  2. Technique

    Train the technique, teach both the nervous system and muscles.

  3. Load

    Exercise with slightly more load.

  4. Speed

    Exercise with explosive mindset.

  5. Powerlifting

    Lift heavy according to competition rules.

  6. Weight lifting

    Lift heavy and explosive with competition rules.

What can be achieved with improved habits?

Depending on what and how you perform physical activity you can for example

  • reduce stress hormone cortisole
  • improve confidence, esteem and ego image
  • strengthen bone tissue
  • burn more
  • gain stronger muscles
  • gain or lose weight
  • raise the happy hormone endorphine
  • relieve a depression, and here it is important to agree with your health care specialist how to introduce exercise
  • achieve a new personal best in olympic lifting or 500 meter on the rower.
  • reduce risk for high blood pressuer or diabetes
  • be more present
  • improve oxygen uptake capacity
  • improve sleep

For more information regarding recommendations in a couple of regions you can read more on: for US and for EU

Here is an example on how it looks in WHO recommendations:

Chart by Visualizer

How do you do exercise sustainable?

It should be introduced stepwise and it should be

  • fun – it should be fun and comfortable to exercise
  • safe – it should be safe for the one performing the exercise in terms of ergonomic and technical perspectives
  • practical – it should be
  • planned
  • together

Do you want to know more?

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