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Healthier nutrition

A major part of our lifes is about nutrition. Sustainable nutrition is, like everything else, about building good habits and make the improvement and development in conscious steps.

Strength stairs


Second step in Strength stairs method.

Time needed to get through the steps: 365 days

Strength stairs Nutrition is based on scientific and proven facts, great patience, depending on prerequisites it can take up to a year taking conscious steps to sustainable health.

  1. Eat on schedule

    Eat at regular time intervals

  2. Drink on schedule

    Drink at regular time intervals

  3. Eat based on a standard model

    Use a proven model

  4. Eat according to standard diet

    Use a proven diet

  5. Eat to perform

    Adapt nutrition to your sport and exercise schedule


Everyone needs to eat and we need to eat nutritious over time to improve quality of life, health and recovery.

The diagram shows only a distribution of energy intake for an adult and healthy person, and the amount of energy itself depends on, among other things, age, weight, height and how active you are. Contact us for charts and dietary advice that take into account specific needs or disease states such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Explanation of the different pie pieces in the diagram

  • Saturated fat – added to show maximum intake, it should be less. Simply explained, it is about hard or animal fats like butter or grease on meat.
  • Unsaturated fat – may be higher, at the expense of saturated fat. Simply explained, it is about liquid or vegetarian fats like olive or rapeseed oil.
  • Carbohydrates – may be higher, at the expense of added sugar. Examples of carbohydrates are potatoes, pasta, rice and bread. Dietary fiber should also be included here.
  • Added sugar – added to show maximum intake, it may be less. Is about refined or manufactured sugar.
  • Proteins – Examples are meats of different kinds, eggs, legumes, lentils or beans.

Of course, in addition to the above groups of nutrients, vitamins and minerals are also an important part of a diet that is good for health.

You can also drink alcohol, and it should be a maximum of 5% of the recommended intake over a day, at the same time as it should be below 10 standard containers for women or 15 standard containers for men during a period of seven days.

What can be achieved with improved habits?

Depending on what and how you eat you can for example

  • improve confidence, self esteem, ego image
  • strengthen bone tissue
  • burn more
  • improve stomach and intestinal function
  • raise och reduce weight
  • increase the happiness hormone endorphin
  • improve the result of exercise
  • relieve depression
  • reduce the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes
  • become more present
  • sleep better

Read more about recommendations on Swedish Food Agency website:

How do you do nutrition sustainable?

Nutrition should be introduced step wise and it should be

  • fun
  • safe
  • practical
  • planned
  • together

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