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Passive and active recovery

Everyone needs recovery regardless where you are in life, what type of work you have and family situation.

strength stairs



Conscious presence

Quiet and still meditation

Moving meditation

ecovery is about doing life style changes like exercise and workout sustainable by adding rest and sleep where sleep per say is its own chapter in puzzle.


Third step in Strength stairs method.

How long period of time is needed to get through the steps? 365 days.

Strength stairs Recovery is based on patience, depending on starting point it can take up to a year to get trough all steps, taking conscious steps to sustainable health.

  1. Passive

    The easiest way to recovery. Just relax, lie on a bed or couch and look at the roof.

  2. Active

    Do something pleasurable, looks like low intense workout. For example a slow run around the block, stretching, massage or go visit a museum.

  3. Conscious presence

    Regardless if it is active or passive recovery, be present in the moment. Example is to take a walk and focus on the feet touching the ground.

  4. Quiet and still meditation

    Release all thoughts in passive recovery.

  5. Moving meditation

    Do some sort of yoga or qigong which to a large extent focus on being in a meditative state.

What can be achieved with improved habits?

Depending on what and how you work with rest and rehabilitation you can for example

  • improve mobility
  • reduce the perceived effect of muscle soreness
  • transport lactate and slag products
  • reduce the time it takes for carbohydrate storage in the muscles
  • reduce the risk of over training
  • reduce the stress hormone cortisol
  • improve confidence, self esteem and self image
  • reduce the risk of injury to tendons, muscles and joints
  • reduce the risk of cramps and pain
  • increase the chance of good circulation
  • speed up the healing of injuries
  • increase the happiness hormone endorphin
  • relieving depression
  • reduce the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes
  • become more present
  • sleep better

How do you make recovery sustainable?

Recovery should be introduced step wise and it should be

  • fun
  • safe
  • practical
  • planned
  • together

Do you want to know more?

Contact us and lets discuss what you can do!

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