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Good and enough sleep

Whether you are old or young, stressed or balanced, whatever health status you have, sustainable sleep is all about building good habits and taking the improvement and development in conscious steps.

strength stairs

External condition

Internal conditions



Sleep, to a large extent, is an effect of the balance between exercise, nutrition and recovery in a life puzzle where we also have to balance work, studies and just being private. Sleep is also recovery and such an important part of our sustainable health, so we treat its own health pillar.


Fourth step in Strength stairs method for sustainable health.

How long is the period of time to go through the steps? 365 days

Strength stairs Sleep based on great patience and it can easily take up to a year to get through the steps, taking conscious steps to sustainable health.

  1. Create a good external condition

    Try to keep it dark, cool and quiet in the bedroom. Let it be a place to sleep.

  2. Create a good internal condition

    We believe that most people know that you should start cool down a couple of hours before going to sleep, avoid caffein and alcohol 4-6 hours before it is time to sleep, get some sunlight during the day and exercise at least with low intensity 2 hours before going to sleep.

  3. Sleep according to a schedule

    Go to bed according to a schedule, a schedule that can be changed for more or less time in bed to see if sleep gets better.

  4. Create routines

    This is about, for example, looking less at screens for a while before going to bed, maybe reading a book, turning down the lights or darkening the bedroom for a certain amount of time before bedtime.


We need sleep, between 4 to 11 hours per night, according to researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, to recover and feel good. We also need to sleep well during the hours we sleep because sleep consists of the phases basic sleep, deep sleep and dream sleep, phases that run in cycles that are 90-120 minutes long.

Note that there is a lot more information and that we discuss only the simpler parts of sleep according to the steps above. Obviously, you should seek medical care if you have a more challenging situation.

What can be achieved with improved habits?

Depending on what and how you exercise you can for example

  • become happier, stronger and more energetic.
  • improve memory and ability to learn things.
  • improve ability to concentrate and focus.
  • cope with stress better.
  • be less likely to be depressed or have anxiety.
  • strengthened immune system.
  • improve self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image
  • reduce the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes

How do you do to get good and enough sleep sustainable?

One introduce it stepwise and it should be

  • practical – it needs to work with the life puzzle, to raise the probability for support
  • planned – plan for sleep

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Knowledge sources

There are lots of sources of knowledge, here is a couple of sources we use in this site (in Swedish