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The lab

We obviously build what we write about on scientific facts and evidence, well tested by the broad mass. Here we will gather calculators and other helpers that can be good to use when doing lifestyle changes.

strength stairs

Observe that sometimes it is needed to interpret the results together with health care specialists (doctors, physiotherapist, nurses for example) or other professionals (like us or others alike). This so you use the results in the best possible and safest way.


Value to calculateComment
1RMAccording to Epley
BMREnligt Mifflin-St Jeor.
AMRAccording to Mifflin-St Jeor. with activity levels from WHO
Energy content
Max pulseAccording to Fox
Max pulse with pulse spanAccording to Fox and span being 50-70%
RMRAccording to Katch-McArdle
VO2maxBased on the result of a Cooper test
UKK 2KM walk testCalculate fitness index

Session guides and templates

Session guide/templateComment
Session guide for strength increaseSimple guide to improve strength
Session guide for stamina improvementSimple guide to improve stamina
Guide for exercise session focusSimple guide for exercise session focus