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We add exercises and programs continously. 

The ambition is that everyone should have something test things with Strength stairs flavours and details. 

Everything you can see is of course free. We might ask you register a user, which is also free, so we can have a discussion about your progress and questions regarding mainly programs. 


Feel free to suggest exercises you miss or improvements on the current ones. You can always reach out, we are grateful for everything that can be improved!

Physical and mental exercises with the best leverage and effect on your sustainable health 

Course Category: Exercise

Course Category: Nutrition

    Passive and active recovery regimes and drills.

    Course Category: Recovery

    Your breath is something you should really take care of and use more efficiently. Here is some help to improve the situation. 

    Course Category: Breath

    • Resistance breathing

      by Per Olsson
      2 Lessonsin
      resistance breathing

      A means to slowdown your exhale speed, breath slower and push the breath downwards to the belly (so Diaphragm get to work) for otherwise healthy persons. If you have a medical condition linked to the respiratory system, you should of course talk to your doctor or physiotherapist before using these techniques.

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    Course Category: Test

    Programs and sports

    Here we will add generic programs for you to be inspired by or put into use as a conscious step towards sustainable healt. Sports is mostly to group the exercises that mainly strength sports consists of. We add material all the time here as well.


    Course Category: Powerlifting

    Olympic lifting

    Course Category: Olympic lifting



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